Why We (And Over 26% Of The Internet) Use WordPress

Who else is on WordPress? We all are!

The most recent statistics show that over 26% of the web is running on WordPress.
Almost 500 websites are created on WordPress everyday. It’s still the most popular
content management system (CMS) in the world, with nearly 60% market share.

Whether it’s a company website, a personal blog, an online news site or an
eCommerce site, WordPress is just becoming ubiquitous. According to Forbes, it will
grow bigger in 2017 and will slowly eat the Internet.

Why can’t everybody get enough of WordPress? Here are a few things that make
WordPress a winner.

1. It’s easy to use.
Hand-coding websites or working on complicated CMS can be a pain. But WordPress
has an easy learning curve and you can start working on your site in no time. Once
you have it set up, you can customise your site without any coding, switch themes in
about 10 seconds, drag and drop widgets, and publish and edit content easily.

2. It’s free.
As an open source software, WordPress can be edited and redistributed for free. It
can also be self-hosted, so there’s generally no downloading, installation and
upgrading costs involved. You can readily start with a free theme and install free
WordPress plugins, like SEO tools, contact forms, page builders, etc.

3. It’s versatile and flexible.
WordPress started out as a blog publishing platform, but its capabilities have now
evolved—with a range of themes and plugins that elevate functionality. You can now
create any type of website using WordPress. You can build an online store with a
shopping cart function using specific themes like WooCommerce and WP
eCommerce. You can create a portfolio site, a hotel booking site, a membership site,
and many others. It’s all just about choosing the perfect theme and plugins.

4. It’s SEO-friendly.
Search engines, Google in particular, have predefined parameters by which they
judge how your site should rank in search results. If you want to rank higher, you
have to meet as many of these parameters as you can.
The good thing about WordPress is that it has free SEO plugins that basically show
you all the blanks you need to fill to improve your site’s visibility in search engines,

like meta descriptions, title tags, alt tags and keywords. As Google also factors in
visibility across social networking sites, WordPress makes social media integration
easy for site owners.

5. It takes user experience seriously.
Way too seriously, I say. WordPress sites are fully optimised to look great and work
well on different devices and even on different browsers. It also has themes that are
fully responsive. WordPress sites also support different types of media, from text
and high-resolution images to videos and audios. They are also generally optimised
for fast loading speed.

6. It just keeps getting better.
WordPress has a large community of users, designers, professionals, bloggers,
developers, and enthusiasts all contributing to make WordPress the amazing
platform that it is now. It continues to evolve every day, working on various user-
friendly features, interface, and system enhancements.

Doesn’t this sound like world domination? Regardless, WordPress has proven to be
a valuable tool for small business owners. We think it’s awesome, our clients think
it’s awesome, and obviously, the world thinks it’s awesome, too!

Is your site running on WordPress? How is it helping you grow your business?