Why Blog?

Ahoy. Haley here.

So a wise woman (Hi Ginger Ninjas) once said to me “Content is the way forward, the fresher the better”.
This blog business has been on my to do list for some time now but as any business owner knows, time is precious, time is rare and my time is generally spent working on new designs or developing new sites for you guys. Blogging? Who has time for that.
Well I’m now making time. I have some pretty serious motivations for blogging. Beginning with the fact that I am constantly telling you guys, that’s right, telling my clients that blogging is important. Hypocrite right here, that’s me!

Perhaps the most awesomest (blogging = opportunity to make up fun new words) reason to blog is to provide search engines with fresh, new content. Search engines index your website at regular intervals and keep a snapshot of your site on file. If your content remains the same, they start checking in less often until eventually they forget about you all together #sadfaceemoji
For those that have met me, well, you know I have a lot to say. And those that haven’t, you will soon learn. So why not start speaking up about subjects I’m passionate and knowledgeable about; web and graphic design. And you can too.

You can use a blog to establish yourself as a market leader in your chosen space. Sharing knowledge and insights of your industry sets you up as a market leader and helps to gain trust with your audience. The more helpful your insights are, the more devoted a following you will build. And we all know people buy from those they trust. See where I’m heading here? Anyone want a website? Jokes. Well kind of.

So yes, we should all blog and we should blog often. My goal is to publish a 300 – 400 word article once a week around a range of topics. Watch this space.