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Hashtags: What Are They & How To Really Use Them

Hashtags have become so prevalent in social media and in pop culture. In fact, hashtag is already added to the Oxford Dictionary in 2010, making it #officially a word. Hashtags are the short links preceded by a pound sign (#) that direct people to a searchable link. They are popular on social networks like Twitter,…

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5 Old School Social Media Tactics That Should Retire Now

Are your social media campaigns still giving you the results you want? If not, it could be that your tactics, which may have been big in 2012 when you first used it, are no longer effective today. Social media is constantly evolving, which means businesses should always be on their toes when it comes to…

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8 Simple Ways To Measure Your Content’s Performance

By now, every website owner is already aware of what a powerful content marketing strategy can do to increase their website traffic and improve sales. If you’re putting in more time and effort into your content, then that’s great! But many are still forgetting one important aspect of content creation: measuring performance. According to research…

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5 Free Tools That Will Make You A Social Media Pro

We’ve reached a point in time when life has become unbearable without Facebook or Instagram. Social media is definitely here to stay and it’s conquering different areas of life and work. Businesses are investing heavily in social media networks and they are bolstering their presence in these platforms. But many small businesses get intimidated with…

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