Struggling To Finish That Blog Post? These Strategies Can Help You

“I know blogs are great. But there are other things I need to do besides blogging!”

You may be having trouble getting through paragraph two of your most recent blog post, which is only your third for this year, and you realized that other critical business responsibilities keep distracting you from creating a coherent message.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. There will always be a constant battle between your inner content marketer and your inner business owner.

But dealing with content on a daily basis, our team has gotten smarter about our blogging expectations. So we’re sharing with you some of the strategies that helped us complete our blogs with ease and maintain a consistent flow of content.


Create a schedule and stick to it

Decide on a specific day of the week where you will be focusing on your blogs and don’t let other business matters lead you off-course. Make sure the timeframe you set is manageable. We recommend plotting your blogs on a content calendar and outlining your topics and the most critical points in your blog. This will make it easier for you to visualise how your content will go.


Use a standard template for your blog

Some bloggers think that templating kills spontaneity. But having a plan—and a template—can actually liberate you from the stress of cramming all information in your head for fear of missing an important detail. A bare-bones plan should be enough. Here’s an example of a blog plan about social media trends in 2018:


2. Recap of last year’s statistics (insert sources)

3. Distinguishing ‘fad’ from trends

4. Social media trends

a. Instagram stories

     b. Messaging platforms

     c. Video blogs

     d. Influencer marketing

     e. Live streaming

     f. Augmented reality

5. Conclusion

6. Call-to-action


Starting and Ending Tips

Bloggers can relate: intros and conclusions are the toughest to write. Even with a perfectly sound blog plan/template, this can still come as a challenge. You may be tempted to just type random ideas to get going and then go back and revise afterward. But this doesn’t really solve the problem.

The first few lines of your blog are critical because they draw your readers in, and the last few lines are your last chance to make an impact to your reader.

Here are some ideas to help you get past the intro and work your way easily through your conclusion.



  • A question for the reader (e.g. Are your blogs ranking in search engines?)
  • A question from the reader (e.g. How do I get my blog to rank in search engines?)
  • A surprising statistic related to your topic
  • Quotation
  • A short anecdote
  • A bold and controversial statement related to your topic




  • Question (e.g. Do you think your website content is delivering results? Do you have other ideas?)
  • Inviting readers to comment
  • A quick summary of your blog
  • Invite readers to participate (e.g. Do this: block two hours in your calendar now and start with your blog.)
  • Further reading (e.g. Here’s a couple of helpful articles that will help you craft a high-converting content.)
  • Link to product or services
  • Link to contact details


We know you have other responsibilities, too, so developing manageable blogging habits is the key. But if you’re struggling to publish a blog regularly and need more time for critical business matters, we can take blogging off your load. Just let us know and we’ll rush to your aid.