Sharing Your Content On Social Media – The Best Way To Get More Traffic

So you have finally created that super awesome content sitting on your to-do for weeks. Great! But no, your job isn’t done yet. You have to get people to read it.

Sadly, this is why so many businesses fail at gaining traffic to their websites. They create content and leave it there, waiting for the conversions to come in. Truth is, the “build it and they will come” kind of strategy doesn’t really apply to content marketing. Unless you do something, your content—no matter how amazing it is—will never get seen.

So while you have an effective content creation strategy in place, you also need to build a plan around pushing your content out to its intended audience and gain traffic to your website. One of the best places to get traffic from is social media.

This sounds like an easy enough task, right? But social sharing actually involves some careful planning, creativity, resourcefulness, and a great deal of analytics. So how to get more traffic from social media? Here are strategies that have worked for us and our clients.

Create a social media content calendar

A content calendar or social media schedule is one way to get organised and be efficient with your daily social media activities. In your schedule, identify all your social media accounts and indicate specific times of the day you plan to post. This visual guide will save you the time deciding which content to share and will allow you to easily adjust the frequency of your sharing.

Share content more than once

So you have shared that one post and you’re done. Not quite. Best practices suggest sharing your content on social media more than once. So now that you have a social media content calendar, you can schedule your posts to come out preferably three times week. Doing so can double your traffic.

But you may be asking, what if my audiences get annoyed and unfollow me? Or worse, I get blocked from being mistaken as a spammer? This brings us to our next strategy.

Curate your posts

Surely, you become a spammer when you use a spam-bot to fire your blog posts once every hour. This is downright annoying! So the key is to be smart and consistent in curating your posts. Make sure what your posting provides value to your audience. Avoid bombarding your audience with the same post in short intervals; instead, we suggest spacing them out at least a couple of hours or a day apart. Combine your own content with content from other sources that your audience will find useful. Take advantage of easy to use social media scheduling and content curation tools to easily manage content for social sharing.

Be creative

If you really want to maximise your content and reuse it many times within a week, add variety to your posts so people won’t accuse you of being a spammer. Here are some ways you can creatively recycle your content:

  • Ask a question
  • Share a quote from your blog
  • Add some element of intrigue
  • Cite an engaging statistic
  • Write an alternative headline

Measure results

We never get tired of lecturing you about measuring results, do we? As you have all your content organised in a calendar, it should be easier to track the performance of each post. Google Analytics also gives you insights on your best performing social media channels. If you are using online social media scheduling tools, it would also be great to use their built-in analytics feature. Monitor your post activity, feedback from audience and the interest around your content. If you’re noticing a decline in these areas, you might need to tweak your sharing habits a little bit. Take note of your strongest post and apply the tactics to your other posts.

Remember, publishing content is not the finish line. Promote across social media channels to get more traffic. And while you’re at it, give your content the second, third, fourth, tenth chance of being viral by sharing more than once!

Which of your social media channels are returning the most traffic? We’d love to know!