Let’s Talk UX Design

Ahoy! Haley here.

First things first. Yes. Your website should look amazing. This is a huge priority. I mean, who wants to buy that new dress from an ugly online store. Or book that holiday through a site where the images an content doesn’t loaded quickly, or even at all. All that said, UX (User Experience) Design is probably the most important ingredient in the cocktail that is your new website.

“UX design is the process of designing digital or physical products that are useful, easy to use, and delightful to interact with”

Spencer Lanoue, www.usertesting.com

Check out this chat with Adaptive Paths Co-founder, Jesse James Garrett, and his explanation on why UX is so important.

Brand Shack is super enthusiastic about UX principles and we are constantly designing and creating with the end user in mind. So whilst we are building a super awesome website for your new business that looks schmick, we are always evaluating how the finished product will affect your customers experience. Because ultimately that’s what matters.