How To Write Irresistible Product Descriptions For Your Online Store

Many online store owners think that a product description is just that: words that describe a product.

Don’t forget that while it provides your customers with the info they need, your product description also needs to sell your products and entice your readers to click BUY.

Whether you’re selling food products, fashion items, cameras or even a rental space, the key is to let the shopper imagine how nice it would be to have your product in his hand (or wrist, or pocket, or feet, etc.) to use and enjoy.

If your online business is falling into a sales slump because of blah product descriptions, here are some tips on how to create seductive descriptions your customers won’t be able to resist.

Have an image of your ‘ideal buyer’ in mind

Writing product descriptions for a crowd of random buyers will only make your copy weak and purposeless. Instead picture your customer as a real person, with a name, a face, a job, a hobby, and a real problem you need to address.

Think about which websites she visits, how she makes her decisions, how she speaks and what type of tone she might respond to. Ask and answer questions like you’re in a regular conversation with her, address her with you and provide her with the details she needs to know. This will help you make your product descriptions more personal and more persuasive.

Motivate customers with benefits

We love talking about our products, don’t we? We know you’re already excited to pepper your product descriptions with awesome features, upgrades, new specs, new colours and styles and all those details but here’s the deal: your ideal buyer doesn’t want to read them. They are more after what’s in it for them, how your product can make them feel better and how it can solve their problems.

We recommend making a comprehensive features list for every product and rewrite them into benefits. Benefits explain to customers what your specific product feature does for them (e.g. improves air quality, soften hair, removes dirt, reduces stress, etc.)

Use your brand’s unique voice

Like your brand image, your tone of voice sets you apart from your competition. Please, give the ‘excellent quality’ and ‘tailored to your needs’ a break! Let your unique voice and brand personality shine in your product descriptions and don’t be worried about injecting a little humour. Your tone says a lot about who you are as a business and how you deal with your customers.

Boost persuasiveness with influential words

There are certain words that are found to be more attention-grabbing and convert more customers than regular words, such as:

  •      New
  •      You
  •      Free
  •      Because
  •      Instantly
  •      Sensational
  •      Now
  •      Remarkable
  •      Secret
  •      Take
  •      Inspires
  •      Amazing
  •      Discover
  •      Create

It would also help to add words that appeal to the senses, such as smooth, bright, feel, silky, crisp, etc.

Structure your copy

People get scared with big chunks of text. They don’t have time to read everything. So it’s best to break your descriptions down into bullets and short paragraphs, with the most important details first. You can also include subheadings to encourage customers to read instead of just scanning the page, white spaces to make your page appear less cluttered, and large font to improve readability.

Don’t forget to include visuals and short videos if you can. They provide a better experience for your customers and it makes them feel as if they’re using your product.

Optimise for search engines

Writing good product descriptions also helps increase your search rankings. If you create product descriptions with your ideal buyer in mind, you will have a good knowledge of the specific keywords she uses when doing a Google search.

Place your keywords strategically in your product descriptions. We suggest including them in your page titles, meta descriptions, image ALT text and the body content. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to SEO so we encourage you to try different keywords as you see necessary.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you sit down and write product descriptions for your online shop. Explain but don’t get too boring. Tell a compelling story instead of just saying your product is nice. Write with so much enthusiasm about your products so that your customers will love them as fiercely as you do.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve experienced when writing product descriptions? Let us know in the comments!