How To Increase Your Blog Traffic: An Easy-To-Follow Checklist

It’s common for website owners and marketers to focus all their time and energy on writing a blog post and then forget about promoting it. Sadly, you can’t just write a blog, hit “publish” and then let Google do the rest.

An integral part of your blogging strategy is promoting your blogs and maximising their visibility. Don’t forget that your goal is to drive traffic to your website. Without this, all the sweat and hard work you’ve put into creating your blogs will be put to waste.

Don’t worry! We understand that writing a blog is already an uphill struggle. So we’ve put together this easy, no-fuss blog promotion checklist that you can simply follow so you can pour all your brainpower into the blog creation process.

Step 1: Use compelling images

We are visual creatures. If you want to attract traffic to your blog, spend time in creating images. Enough of the boring stock images of men in suits shaking hands. Strong visuals will help your blog stand out. There are a bunch of sources where you can download high-quality and attractive stock images that you can download for free.

You can also create an original picture using your phone or a digital camera. If you’re all about creating unique and kickass graphics, there’s always the option of hiring a graphic designer who can create images specific to your brand.

Step 2: Optimise for search

Not doing proper keyword research before starting with a blog post is one of the common mistakes of website owners today. Do a bit of keyword research relevant to your topic and use them naturally throughout your content. You can learn best practices on how to utilise relevant keywords in your blog posts here.

Here are some tips when doing keyword research:

  • Use tools like Ubersuggest and Keywords Everywhere to discover trending keywords
  • You can also run Google searches and find out the types of content that are already ranking

Step 3: Create a social media plan

Social media is a great avenue for promoting your blog post. But remember that your blogs should be shared with the intent of starting relevant discussions, to get people to engage in the conversation and not just to click. With so many types of content being shared on social media, you need to have a sound social media strategy in place, combining organic and paid promotions. This blog tells you more about how to share your blogs on social media.

Some tips before sharing your blog posts on social media platforms:

  • Focus on social media channels where most of your target audience are active on.
  • You can maximise your reach through paid promotions. Set a budget for this.
  • Create different sets of social media copy tailored to each social network
  • Identify online groups, communities or discussions covering topics related to your blog and share your blogs with the intent of helping group members.

Step 4: Engage through email

Email is a place where you can get more personal with your target audience. Email campaigns, however, involve a more thoughtful approach to make sure your emails will go straight to the inbox. Here are some tips:

  • You can create automated blog post email deliveries or include links to your blogs in your promotional newsletters
  • Craft attention-grabbing subject lines
  • Make sure your emails are clean and mobile friendly
  • Don’t forget to include social links so your readers can share your blogs on their social media networks

Step 5: Take your blogs social

Amplify your blogs in social media where your readers could easily find them. Follow this effective formula when scheduling on social media.

  • Schedule your blogs in spaced-out posts in the same social media network over the following days
  • Boost your best-performing organic posts through paid promotions
  • Share, republish and pitch your blogs on more social media sites than just one
  • Don’t forget your old blogs! Promote your old content even months later.

Step 6: Maximise your reach

Other ways to promote your blogs include:

  • Writing a guest blog post for an authority site and linking back to your post. Check out this blog for more strategies on how to use guest blogging to drive traffic to your website.
  • Encouraging your team members to share your blogs on their social media pages
  • Share your blogs with high value customers

Step 7: Don’t stop here!

Continue promoting your blogs and create a system around effectively maximising your blog’s reach. Test your blog headlines, monitor through analytics, and thank influencers, customers and peers for sharing your blog posts.