How Responsive Design Can Give Your Business A Boost

What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design provides visitors optimal viewing experience of your website on any device, from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets—yes, even TV screens. This includes no-fuss navigation, easy reading, minimum resizing and scrolling, and quick loading. Your website automatically adjusts itself on whatever device your customers are in. Cool, eh?


Why do I need a responsive website design?

Today, anything that’s used to be a job for desktop computers can now be done using smartphones and tablets. We’re talking about everything, from Internet surfing and online shopping to checking emails and even internet marketing.

According to a Reuters report a whopping 75% of Internet usage in 2017 will be from mobile devices. A new Google study substantiates this further, saying that about 40% of people search on a smartphone in an average day to find answers to their most immediate queries.


How can your business benefit from a responsive web design?

  1. Boost conversion rates

Yes, a responsive website will make your customers happy. But it’s also going to give your conversion rates a boost. More customers will convert if it’s easy for them to contact you or buy from your online shop. As website owner, you have full control over how these conversion elements will appear on multiple devices.

2. Efficiency

There was a time when businesses use to have two versions of a website: one for desktop and one exclusively designed for mobile. In fact, a lot of businesses are still doing this today. But this just means more work for you! And it’s super expensive to maintain. Good thing you can now have just one mobile-friendly website that works wonderfully on desktop and on a smartphone.

3. Allow testing

Responsive design allows you to do A/B testing to determine whether or not your target customers are responding well to your website’s design and find out which areas you can improve in.

4. Improve social media strategy

A staggering 55% of social media interaction happens on a mobile device. Having a responsive website allows you to easily share content across social media platforms and increase website traffic coming from your social media pages.

5. Great-looking website

Unresponsive websites will only distort the way your site appears on a mobile device. Think jumbled texts and broken images and endless scrolling just to find the information you’re looking for. Needless to say, responsive websites will look just fabulous whatever device they’re viewed in.

6. Help in your SEO efforts

Now we’re not saying a responsive website can instantly rank you high in Google search. But Google does, however, highly recommend for websites to offer good user experience so that your visitors will stick around longer than usual.

7. Stay competitive

Maybe your competitors already have a responsive website, maybe they don’t. But as a business owner, your goal is to make your website accessible to all your customers and not to miss out on any opportunity. If statistics show they are on mobile, then that’s where you should be, too.

A mobile-friendly website is now more than just a nice-to-have. It’s a necessary step you have to take if you want your business to grow. Pretty soon, your website will be viewed on a watch, a pair of 3D glasses and whatever device imaginable.


What are your thoughts about responsive web design? Let us know what you think!