Free Social Media Tools That Can Make Your Life Easier

You can’t ignore the power of social media in marketing. Every small business out there should just as well use this powerful tool to their advantage. It’s easy to start a presence in almost all social media networks imaginable—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and more. But the tricky part is keeping track of your social channels, regularly posting and engaging with your followers.

As a small business, we know you’re busy and your marketing budget is pretty thin on the ground. So in this blog, we’re sharing some of the best no-cost social media management tools that can help make your job easier.


So much time is wasted logging in and out of different social media channels and uploading/sharing content across different accounts. ContentStudio makes this easy, almost intuitive, for you.

ContentStudio is a great suite of social media tools that allows you to manage different types of content, from articles to videos. It makes it easy for small business owners to manage different social media channels and monitor, discover and share engaging content within your niche. This tool is basically a content curation tool, scheduling tool, content planning tool, publishing tool and analytics rolled in one.

What we love about this tool is that it integrates well with WordPress. So each time we have to publish blogs for different websites, we just upload the content and images into ContentStudio and it publishes on the websites. You can also enable the social sharing features so it automatically comes out on your social media pages.


If you’re managing only one or two social media accounts and you feel like you can’t be bothered learning complicated apps, then Buffer is a great option for you. Buffer is one of the most-loved scheduling apps in the world of social media marketing primarily for its no-fuss, user-friendly nature. You’ll find this app extremely easy to use and integrate with your social media pages. We especially love Buffer’s Chrome extension, which makes it easier to add content to your queue.


If you are frequently using Instagram, then this is the app for you. Later helps you organise your Instagram content and schedule them accordingly. It sends you a prompt when your post needs to get published and lets you easily put your post and hashtags out to your Instagram account. What we like about this app is it allows us to save our most-used hashtags and search for other popular hashtags we can use.


Airtable is a project management tool that helps us plan and keeps track of our content properly. This app helps us organise our content ideas and develop a clear and more flexible pipeline of our next steps.


Finding other content to post is just as gruelling as creating your own. So Feedly is quite helpful whenever we find ourselves stuck in a content rut and want to revamp our content strategy. Feedly is a content curation tool that lets us follow content from other industry-leading sources, key trends, and other relevant articles that we can share in our social media pages or use as inspiration in our own content.


Social media is all about engagement, and one of the best ways to capture an audience’s attention is through compelling images. We’re no stranger to the challenge of finding appropriate images for our social media posts, so we always have a lot of image sources to juggle around, one of which is Unsplash. If you’re looking for nice-looking photos of office desks, laptops, stylish interiors or coffee cups in high-resolution, you can download them for free on this website. Here are other free sources of high-quality images you can try.


If you find it challenging to navigate around Photoshop, then Canva will be your best friend. This tool lets you create compelling graphics you can use for your ads, blog posts, and marketing collateral using their pre-set design templates. We also love how easy it is to format images according to different sizes and orientation required by each social media channel.

Google Analytics

No matter what tools you use for social media marketing, without a way to measure your performance, all efforts will lead to nothing. Google Analytics is a free tool that will help you analyse the results of your social media campaigns and find out how much traffic to your website is coming from social channels. You can simply sign up for an account and start monitoring your traffic.

What are other free but useful tools do you use for your social media campaigns? Share us in the comments below.