Does Your Small Business Need Website Maintenance?

“Do I need website maintenance for my small business website?”

Clients with small business websites often ask us if it’s necessary to have a website maintenance plan when you’re starting out small. Our answer is simple: without maintenance, your website might not function well.

Back in the early days of the Internet, you could hire a designer to build a website and be done. Then your site could just sit on the net and leads will come in. But with more businesses competing with quality content and cyber thugs spreading malware across the web, websites now need extra TLC. Your website needs to function excellently in the face of constant updates, malicious attacks and other online nuances. For this reason, website maintenance is now more crucial than ever before.

What will happen if I don’t have a maintenance plan?

  1. Poorly functioning website

Your website is a reflection of your brand on the web. People often research a company’s website and social media pages before taking any kind of action. Your website will often be the first impression a potential customer has of your business, so it’s important that your business is looking its best. Outdated plugins will greatly affect your site’s appearance and people won’t trust a business with a website that looks unprofessional.

2. Cyber attacks

Often the most overlooked part of website maintenance (albeit the most important). A poorly maintained website is an open playground for hackers. A security break in one of your plugins can provide them with enough vulnerability so they can infect your site using automated attacks. Proper website maintenance can provide you with:

  • Keeping all your plugins up to date so cyber crawlers won’t find a vulnerable spot
  • Using security plugins
  • Securing your website’s source files
  • Removing old and outdated applications

3. Poor search engine rankings

Content is just one part of the SEO equation. Google keeps us on our toes with changes and updates on ranking algorithms and the search engine giant puts consideration into a website’s performance, security and web design. Google’s top criteria include elements like responsiveness, mobile friendliness, clear navigation menus and website speed. Outdated website features and functionalities can mess your site’s chances at ranking high in search results.

4. Slow-loading website

Slow load times can point to other factors like large images, videos, clunky web pages, server issues and cluttered coding. This could seriously affect your bottom line. A Google study shows that over 50% of mobile web visitors will abandon a webpage if it doesn’t load with 3 seconds. Website maintenance will optimize your site’s performance and speed it up.

5. Unwanted costs

If your site breaks down either from malware attacks and data loss, you lose heaps of dollars for every day that your website fails to function well. Not to mention the money you invested on your website. You will need to hire another designer to build a website for you and go back to zero. So it’s best to give your website the best care and attention it needs from the start.

What can I do?

Hire a professional to do this for you. At Brand Shack, we offer website care plans that suit different business needs and budget. Our client care plans start at $99 per month on monthly packages.

Need help with your website maintenance? Contact us today!