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6 Sign’s It’s Time For A Website Redesign

woman accessing website on a laptop

There are things like an old pair of shoes that might not look as cool as it used to but still does what it does. But sadly, your company website is not the same as a pair of old shoes. No matter how fabulously shiny your old website used to be, they get old and…

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5 Secrets of A High-Converting Homepage

Anybody here who wants his/her website to be a customer-generating machine? We all do! When a potential customer visits your website, the first thing they’ll see is your homepage. If you’re looking at your Google Analytics report, you will notice that your homepage collects more traffic than any of your other pages. Traffic is a…

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7 Pages Every Small Business Website Must Have

What pages should my website have? This is one of the questions we often get from our clients and colleagues. Our answer would vary, as every business is unique and each one would need something that looks different and consistent with the brand. However, there’s this one factor we consider most when it comes to…

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A Compete Guide On Using Images For Your Website

images for your website

A picture is worth a thousand words – it’s an overused phrase but we website designers couldn’t emphasise enough how important images are in a website. Think of your website as an online brochure; customers will rely heavily on your site images to view your products or services, browse your works and understand more about…

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Top 12 Websites To Find Awesome Free Quality Images

All these stock photos of men in suits and bespectacled women shaking hands can be pretty tiring. Not only are they boring, but chances are you’ll also find the same stock photos in almost every website you go to. Now that’s a real drag! As much as we want our website photos to look dynamic…

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Let’s Talk UX Design


Ahoy! Haley here. First things first. Yes. Your website should look amazing. This is a huge priority. I mean, who wants to buy that new dress from an ugly online store. Or book that holiday through a site where the images an content doesn’t loaded quickly, or even at all. All that said, UX (User…

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How Much Is a Website?


Ahoy. Haley here. Probably the most common question I am asked. The simple answer… You pay for what you get. A website is an investment in your business. The more time, energy and resources spent building and maintaining your website, the higher the return. Here are just some of the elements factored into cost of…

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