7 Resolutions To Make To Improve Your Website for 2019

We’ve all made at least a few resolutions each time we welcome the new year. We think you should do the same for your website. The New Year is really a great time to look at where you are as a business and how it has changed in the last year, and your website is the best avenue to reflect these business milestones.

In this blog, we’re listing 7 resolutions you should keep—and never to break!—to make sure you make the most out of your website for 2019.

Design for mobile

You might be surprised to know that many websites are still not designed for the mobile experience. Over 53% of worldwide internet traffic is now coming from smartphones and other mobile devices so it’s best to design your website specifically for your mobile audiences.

If your customers are browsing from their mobile phones, consider which information they prefer to see first. Do they want to sign up first? Do they want to make an enquiry? Do they like to place an order? Take a moment to review your layout and work to optimise your mobile user experience as this can help your site more effective to your users.

Make security a priority

We’ve been hearing many of those scary security breach stories victimising giant companies. Lack of security is putting people’s private information in jeopardy. You can strengthen your website’s security by incorporating SSL (secure sockets layer) to protect your customers’ information from hacks and data breaches. Not only does an SSL certificate provide your customers with a sense of security while the transact on your website, but Google also prefers and prioritises sites that are secured.

Revisit your branding

One of the best ways to kick off the new year is to reintroduce your brand. Take a step back and review your current branding. Here are some areas you might need to evaluate:

  • Is your logo updated?
  • Do your fonts and colour schemes work together?
  • Is your logo memorable?
  • Does your brand connect well with your audience?

Audit your content

You’ve probably created a lot of content for your website over the years. Now’s the best time to look back on the content you’ve done and make an analysis. Find out which type of content works best and take note of the ones that are not giving you the results you want. This will help you build a stronger content marketing strategy in 2019.

Also, a content audit can help you update old blogs and make them better, as well as find out other older blogs that you can repurpose into different content formats like videos or infographics. This way, you can reach out to new audiences while maximising the content you’ve worked on.

Revamp your homepage

Your homepage is the first thing your customers will see on your website. Is it making the right impression? Evaluate your homepage and check whether they are accomplishing the following homepage goals:

  • Effectively communicates your brand’s message
  • Professional looking
  • Make navigation easy
  • Answers your customers’ main question

Improve your call-to-actions

Each webpage should have a clear call-to-action that tells your visitors what to do next. This is a great opportunity to check your analytics and see if your website visitors are really taking the action you want them to. You can A/B test your call-to-actions by working up different wordings, colour schemes or location and see if they work.

Review checkout processes

If your ecommerce website is not driving enough revenue, there could be a problem with your checkout process. There could be some friction in your online store’s checkout system that is interfering with transactions, such as a technical issue, a page that is not loading fast enough, or an unsecured ordering form. Find out what’s stopping a sale from happening and get rid of it. You should be able to start the new year on the right footing with a functional and secure online store checkout pages.

Is your website ready for the new year? Just by following this simple resolutions checklist can get you better results for the next year and ensure that your website continues to be a valuable asset to your business.