7 New Strategies To Include In Your Digital Marketing Plan For 2019

Each year, new and trending digital marketing strategies are keeping business owners and marketers on their toes trying different ways to engage with their customers. The world of digital marketing is evolving fast, which means your strategies should grow alongside technology in order to keep ahead of your competitors.

As 2018 makes its grand exit, let’s take a moment to look at the newest and most powerful tools, technologies and features available for us this year and the next, and find out how we can take advantage of them in making 2019 a successful year for your business.



Nowadays, it’s not enough that your customers get access to information; they want it right this second. Perhaps your website’s old chat assistant is making them wait longer than expected. Chatbots and live chats are becoming popular as people continue to demand customer service to be available exactly when they need them to. These tools allow you to connect with your customers right when they’re ready to talk to you.

Many businesses are switching to chatbots as they make it easier and faster to provide answers to customer queries and resolve complaints. Platforms you can choose from are Facebook, Hubspot, and our favourite Drift. You can integrate chatbots with your website, and program and customise them so they will fit your brand. Facebook Messenger bots can also be customised to answer all your Facebook queries so you can provide important info to your customers in an instant.


Video marketing

Videos are still big by 2019. Compared to any kind of media, videos tell your brand’s story better. So it’s best to take advantage of this the coming year. YouTube may be the most popular way to watch videos but there are other social media platforms that you can use. There’s Facebook and its younger sibling Instagram, and you can also host your videos on your own website.

Many business owners get intimidated by video marketing strategies and think that they are too expensive and difficult to pull off. But there are different online tools that offer a cheaper and easier alternative, and some tools are even built with analytics features that can help you monitor your campaign’s performance. Before the year closes, we recommend working on your video marketing strategies and determine how you will create more videos—whether you’re going live, through your smartphone, an online tool or have them professionally produced.


Personalised Emails

Yep, email still proves to be a strong medium of communication. However, generic, blah emails are not going to make the cut. Automated emails are still the best way to carry out your email marketing campaigns but personalising your emails is now a priority.

Personalisation should be done not just on your email messages but also in targeting your email campaigns. Start segmenting your list so you can tailor your email messages to the right audience and achieve a more targeted approach.


Visual and Voice Search

Search is also evolving from text-only to visual and voice search. Thanks to Siri and Alexa, search users now prefer speaking out their queries on their smartphones instead of typing them, so they won’t need to lift a finger. This presents a challenge to business owners and digital marketers as they need to find a way to optimise their content for both humans and smart devices.

Visual search is like regular search only reversed. Here, you use images to look for the text-based info about them. Google and Microsoft are all jumping into the fray, which means visual search is bound to be big this year. Business owners and marketers can take advantage of this trend by preparing content to match possible image searches by potential customers.


Customer Reviews

Customer reviews and feedback are still a big thing in 2019, especially now that Google’s search results pages are already displaying customer rankings. But your customers are not going to give you a review unless you ask for it—and you know this can be pretty tedious. So we recommend you to start implementing a process in gathering feedback, like Facebook reviews, email feedback requests or Facebook reviews. Find out which review system works best for your business and create a plan for reaching out to your customers to collect reviews on a regular basis.  


Targeted Content

Content is and always will be king. However, more emphasis will be given on the quality of content and giving careful consideration on your intended audience. Next year is all about developing a deeper understanding of your target market and connecting with them effectively through targeted content. Creating specialised content for specific age groups, industries, interests and demographics will make your content more relevant and produce impressive results.


Facebook Marketing

Facebook is still the social media platform of choice in 2019. Organic reach may have declined by 2%, business owners and marketers still have a lot to gain from this channel. Other areas you can explore include:

  • Facebook Messenger. Messenger is an active platform with 1.3 million users. Facebook Pages can now make use of Messenger to communicate with their audience.
  • Live video. Live video allows businesses to directly connect with their audience as their videos appear in the user’s News Feed.
  • Lead generation. FB has included a new advertising platform where businesses can direct their paid traffic to a lead generation form directly on the platform. The lead generation tool pre-fills the information with the user’s info so they won’t have to type their details anymore.
  • Facebook Watch. This is a relatively new feature and will surely create noise by next year. This provides a new avenue to curate content when you’re running out of ideas.

Did these digital marketing trends excite you? Which trends do you think are going to become big next year? Share us your thoughts in the comments.