7 Blogging Truths Every Newbie Blogger Should Know in 2019

How do popular blogs achieve so many visits and rank high up Google search results easily? How do they pump out awesome post after awesome post and collect great feedback?

Before you start feeling down, let us assure you that there is struggle in creating just one blog. Yes, even popular and established websites find this hard as well.

We have been publishing our own blogs and helping clients publish theirs for a couple years and we tell you, it’s never been easy. If part of your 2019 marketing plan is to finally get started with that blog, then we’re here to help you get on the right track. We’ll uncover 7 blogging realities that can help you navigate the bloggingverse.

Blogging is not free

Yes, there are free platforms like WordPress.com, Blogger and Medium that are super easy to use. But as long as your blog is hosted on a free platform, you don’t own it. Which means your blog will be subject to limitations and algorithm changes. Plus, you’ll have that annoying .wordpress.com or .blogspot.com attached to your blog name.

This is why we strongly recommend you to have your own WordPress website. This will guarantee you more flexibility, larger storage, your own .com, more traffic and more chances of ranking in search engines.

If you’re looking to set up your own website, contact us and we’ll help you get sorted with this.

You need to get social

No matter how amazing those blogs are, it won’t get read if people can’t find it. Especially when your blog is new, you might not get to rank in search engines just yet. Promoting your blog posts on social media is a great way to get fresh traffic rolling in. Now, it could be a little challenging to get organic traffic given the algorithm updates on Facebook and Instagram to name a few, but you can always promote through boosts and ads. We mentioned great tips in increasing your blog traffic here.

We recommend focusing on one social media platform first and build a following there. There are different online tools you can use to make the job easier for you. Don’t forget that social media is more than just an extra push for your content. Social media is all about engaging your audience and reaching not just them but their followers as well.

Getting creative is a constant problem

If you find yourself staring at a blank screen and wondering which keyboard letter to punch first don’t worry that’s super normal. Everyone goes through a kind of writer’s block and there are times when you’ll feel like every single topic is covered already.

This is why we strongly recommend building a process around this. Create a blogging schedule and get in the habit of writing your blog. This will get those creative juices flowing and get into the rhythm. Also, find time to brainstorm for blog topics and research ideas you can use for your blog. Find out what other people in your industry are talking about. Read popular topics in your niche and find a single point you can expound and write a piece about this.

Procrastinating is easy

Everyone procrastinates. But it becomes a problem when the thing you put off most often is the thing that has the biggest impact on your business. Case in point: blogging. This is where a blogging calendar will be most helpful. When working with clients, we strictly implement a writing deadline and a publishing schedule, including a measurable goal (eg. get 500 website visitors). We also make announcements across all social media platforms about our blogs that will be published. This will not only help you set the rhythm but will also push you to get things done.  

Ranking in Google takes time and effort

If I create awesome content, Google will love me, right? The answer: yes and no. While Google now ranks content based on how well it is received by your audience, it also bases its rankings on a few other factors, including images, length of post, and keywords. More importantly, SEO is a work in progress and results don’t happen overnight.

SEO may sound complicated but really, just knowing a few basic principles can make a huge difference. You can start with these simple and cost-free SEO strategies as soon as your blog or website is up and running.

Good design is important

Design can make or break your blog. Readers might be after the content but they also prefer blogs and websites that look good and are easy to read. Google also prioritises blogs and websites that are mobile optimised and provide ease of navigation. Nowadays, it’s all about creating a pleasurable browsing or reading experience for your audience so make sure your blog or website is designed to deliver just that.

You might think, wow, blogging is really a pain! It does look like it sometimes but it is the best and most inexpensive way to influence tons of customers. We hope you’ll find these tips useful whenever you experience a bad blogging day.

And if you desperately want to start a blog but think blogging is not for you, give us a shoutout and we’ll help you launch your blog and provide you with content on a regular basis.