6 Secrets To Simple But Effective Logos

Take a few minutes to think about some of the most popular logos out there. Nike’s ‘swoosh’, McDonald’s ‘golden arches’, Apple’s iconic apple logo. You know they’re awesome logos. You want your business to have that kind of effect on people, plain and simple. But what makes them awesome?

Logos, what the heck are they?

A strong, effective logo is the visual image customers associate with your brand. A great logo acts as a symbol for your business and helps people identify you and your products and services. So all elements of your logo—shape, colours, fonts and images—should be strikingly different from any other logos in the same industry or in the market in general. Your logo should aim to inspire loyalty, trust and authority. Your logo should resonate with the values and characteristics of your company.

What makes an effective logo?

1. Simple

The goal is to make your logo recognisable. If it involves too much flashy elements, it might be too distracting and it might be harder for people to recognise it. Your logo should be visually appealing but still clean and precise.

Apart from brand recognition and being easy on the eyes, your logo should also be flexible when using on other materials, such as marketing collateral, digital marketing campaigns, business cards and others.


2. Timeless

Do you think your logo will still be effective 10, 20 or 50 years from now? When it comes to logo design, longevity is key. Forget about trends. Your logo should stand the test of time. When designing logos, we stick with one general guideline: avoid anything trendy because trends—as always—won’t last for long. Also, there’s a good chance your trendy logo isn’t as unique.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t go for a modern design and feel. Go for modern but avoid trendy design elements.

Your logo might also need updating over time. Even the most classic and iconic logos are undergoing a few minor changes to stay current. That being said, you can make small tweaks in the design to keep it current. Perhaps an update in your logo’s type face or icon can make a huge difference.

3. Memorable

An effective logo is remembered, and the more people remember you, the more likely they’ll return to you. Don’t forget that the purpose of a logo is to help identify you. So when people see a logo, they have to be able to be able to identify your business first.


4. Versatile

When designing or redesigning a logo, one thing you should always consider is where it will be used and how it will look. A great logo works perfectly across a variety of media and look offline or online. Will it look good in one color? In reverse color? In thumbnail size? In billboard size? Oftentimes, while your logo looks good on a business card, it might not render well on the side of a delivery truck or a t-shirt. It’s best to consider how your logo design will appear on a variety of platforms.


5. Appropriate

Logos should also be able to show customers what a company does without out being too obvious. For instance, if you are a consulting business, you can opt for a modern and minimalist logo design. For a children’s clothing store, you can go for child-like fonts and color schemes. Your logo should be appropriate for your intended audience.

6. Communicate

Great logos resonate with your company’s culture and values. They should be able to send the right messages to your customers. If your company is hip and innovative, you should be able to capture this vibe in your logo. If you are offering food delivery services, your customers are expecting to see something fun and friendly looking.

Need a logo?

When planning to have a logo designed for your business, make sure it can drive brand recognition. Hire an agency that has a good portfolio and whose style appeals to your brand. At Brand Shack, we take time to know more about the business and develop a deeper understanding on what captures the interest of its target market.