6 Scenarios Where You Should Hire A Copywriter

So you’ve had your sparkly new website professionally made. And now, there’s a great big empty canvas waiting to be filled. It does make sense to write your own website copy, with all the practical tips and techniques available in the internet. But there are moments when you might just to call in a copywriter.

In case you are deciding whether or not to entrust your website copy to the able hands of a pro, perhaps this blog can help you. We have outlined 6 situations where you might need the help of a copywriter.


1. Writing is not your forte.

There’s surely no one else who’s more knowledgeable about your business than you are. But let’s face it. Writing isn’t really your thing, and you much rather focus on other things you can be more productive in. Most (if not all) writers are passionate about their work. If you don’t see any connection with what you’re doing, writing website copy may only come as a chore for you.


2. You don’t have time.

You may be too busy running your business, doing multiple things at the same time. If you want quality content for your website, you have to give it time and effort. Plus, you are probably set for a website launch date and have announced this to your customers. You can’t let DIY copywriting delay your big project, or worse, get pressured to write because you just need to get it done.

A professional copywriting can get the job done way ahead of deadline so you can have enough time to proof read and make edits.


3. You can’t get the message across.

Know that feeling of having a word on the tip of our tongue and can’t grab at it? A pro can help you sort out this trouble with words. It’s amazing how copywriters seem to always have the right words to convince customers or persuade them to act on something. They have the ability to structure your content in a way that is appealing to readers.


4. You need to drive traffic (and bring in sales).

Surely, you don’t want passers-by on your site. You want people to flock your website and buy from you. This is what copywriters are best known for. They have sufficient SEO knowledge to make your content appealing to Google. They can help you enhance your visibility in search engines.

Plus, they can craft compelling, super persuasive copy that can drive traffic, keep them hooked and convince them to take action. They can make a boring product/service sound really exciting and come up with great ideas for an impactful piece of content.


5. You need to get social.

A professional copywriter can enhance your social media presence by creating content that could drive interaction with customers and increase engagement. They can strike meaningful conversations with your customers via social media channels.


6. You need to dumb it down.

Surely, it’s a good thing to be knowledgeable about your industry. But in terms of copywriting, this could be problematic. You may not realise that you are using words that are completely alien to those who aren’t too familiar with your industry (i.e. indemnity claims, ROI, etc.) Or you might find it difficult to be objective when writing about your products or services. You could end up just talking about how awesome you are so customers will think of your content as nothing more than bad PR.


A pro will turn your jargon-heavy copy into real customer language, as well as give you an “outsider’s view” on what may appeal to your audience.


Which areas of content development are you struggling with? Maybe we can help!