5 Free Tools That Will Make You A Social Media Pro

We’ve reached a point in time when life has become unbearable without Facebook or Instagram. Social media is definitely here to stay and it’s conquering different areas of life and work. Businesses are investing heavily in social media networks and they are bolstering their presence in these platforms.

But many small businesses get intimidated with the costs involved in paid social. And it’s not just the cost that’s worrying them; the amount of time it takes to create compelling content and implement an effective social media marketing strategy is equally daunting.

The solution? Take advantage of free social tools that will take care of nearly every aspect of your social media plan to maximise time and get great results. Here are 5 of my most trusted social media management tools.



If you are new to social media and want things to be more simplified, then Buffer should be your go-to platform. It’s simple, neat and extremely user-friendly. You can use Buffer to easily schedule your posts across your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts. It also comes with an analytics section where you can track your results and maximise your social media exposure, and a Google Chrome extension that allows you to instantly schedule images while browsing.


Hootsuite is one of the most popular free social media tools ever developed. It gives you a multiplatform view of all your social media posts to monitor all your social activities. It also allows you to easily schedule your content for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+, and track your results through its analytics feature.


Finding content to post is just as grueling as getting around social media. Feedly comes in handy when you find yourself stuck in a content rut and want to revamp your content strategy. It is a free content curation tool that lets you follow industry-leading content, key trends and other relevant sources to help you shape your content marketing. Feedly can be integrated with Buffer, so it’s easy for you to schedule content as you browse.


Facebook Insights

For Facebook-savvy businesses, nothing probably works better than Facebook’s very own Insights section. It has everything you need to be successful on Facebook, from tracking post reach, likes and post engagements to tracking the performance of your adverts. You can even observe your competitors’ activities and gain insight on marketing ideas by adding their pages to “Pages to Watch”.

Later App

Later is best used for Instagram and Pinterest but you can also use it for Facebook and Twitter. You can simply upload images and drag-drop on the visual calendar to schedule posts. It also gives you a summary of posts likes and comments and recommends popular hashtags you can use to get more exposure. Later also comes with a Search and Repost function that allows you to browse relevant content you can repost.


There is no shortage of social media tools available on the internet, you can choose whatever suits your fancy. But before taking your pick, it’s important to evaluate your social media needs and objectives first. Not all social media platforms are created to give you the same results. Choose the platform/s that will work best for your business and build a solid strategy around it.

What is your favourite social media tool? Give it a shout out and tell us why it’s the best.